I’m changing my twitter username to @petermck…j

This article is extrememly helpful as it tells me how to change my twitter username which i’ve been trying to do for some time! my new name should be @petermckj and hopefully i will retain the few followers i have…


Facebook connect

So I am finally going to use facebook connect on our next project. Got some big architecture decisions to make in order to implement properly as our membership normally runs on the asp.net membership schema. Also have to experiment to see if I can push messages to the members facebook wall or inbox or whether I will still have to ask for their email. Most likely will give them the option if I have time.

Will report on progress as it happens.

1 minute in every 8…

Read this morning that one minute in every eight spent online is spent on facebook. That’s a fairly incredible statistic to get your head around when you think about it. It shows the power and importance of connection to people and the desire we all have to keep up with and expand our social circle. It may also mean that facebook represents the winner in the race to own the online social graph

Political rumblings on twitter

Just read a tweet from @evilgordon trying to get #thebnparetwats as the number one hashtag on twitter. Highly amusing and probably worthwhile but I wonder how long it will be before we see our first proper political lobbying or debate happening in twitspace here on the UK. I am sure I can’t be the only one who would enjoy mps twittering during prime ministers question time…

Choosing a community platform

At wildfire (where I work) we create community sites for our clients as part of our word of mouth marketing campaigns.  Whilst succesful at what they do I am now finding more clients taking a longer term, more strategic approach to the use of community, WOM and social media to drive brand engagement and loyalty.  This raises an interesting question for me as I look for platforms to support our campaign objectives and drive long term value from them for our clients.  Moving from a tactical to a longer term strategic approach means our technology must be proven, scalable and flexible.

In considering our options I’ve been looking at white label social network tools such as KickApps, Ning and Pluck.  These are very attractive options as they remove the overhead of management and maintenance of the technology allowing us to focus on the performance of our communities.  They also offer scalability on demand.  The downsides really come in flexibililty (although KickApps API offers string potential here) and ownership and management of data (again KickApps seems strong here).

I will carry on researching the options and post my findings and opinions.  Some articles that I’ve read have been particularly useful so far:




Jeremiah’s list is also very handy as a reference:

Iphone blog post

So here is my first post from my new iPhone. I am very happy so far but had a real tough choice between it and one of the new android powered handsets starting to become available. Although I would have preferred the better speed of another network than o2’s net access I generally avoid version 1.0 of any new tech. That said some of the features are very cool and in twelve months time I think apple will have some real competition from google in the mobile space. That should make for some great new features being developed and hopefully better price plans to tempt customers.